Dr. M. Madan Mohan

Dr. M. Madan Mohan

  • Position:Principal
  • Qualification:B.Sc (Microbiology), MLISc, BEd, Ph.D


Dr. M Madan Mohan is an IB Educator and a social evangelist and who has been an integral part of Symbiosis International School, since its inception in 2006. He has worked diligently for two decades to nurture a niche educational landscape that fosters research and creative thinking. He has worked in various capacities, that range from being the head of the school library to, the Diploma Coordinator, the Vice Principal and now the Principal.

SIS and Dr. M Madan Mohan have evolved in tandem over these years. Enriching and enhancing his skills and knowledge, he pursued a doctorate in Information literacy, travelled extensively to many different universities and explored many-layered challenges of International Baccalaureate schools in India.

He has garnered many insights and a thorough understanding of the IBO by participating in many meaningful interactions, workshops, seminars with the higher echelons of the IBO. He has lent support to several institutions, offering his expertise in evaluation, sharing best practices and resources. Under his aegis the coordinators and senior faculty members have created several official policies that help the school to function within the framework specified by the IBO.

With Dr. M Madan Mohan at the helm SIS looks forward to cruising ahead to seek distant shores and golden horizons and being a part of his Vision 2.0 to usher in dynamic disruptions to create an educational ecosystem par excellence.

For him, nothing is more gratifying than seeing our students getting admissions for higher studies in the most sought after universities, giving wings to their aspirations. Career counselling and CAS have always been his passion and forte, he is in his elements roughing it out with the students in adventure camps in Himachal, advocating and spearheading several community welfare initiatives or enjoying the battle of the bands with sultans of the guitar creating mayhem and magic!