Clarity Language Lab:

  • Clarity is a state-of-the-art language lab designed to modernize language teaching methods.
  • It offers a robust language teaching platform with the latest technology and multimedia content.
  • Integrated teacher and student consoles allow two-way communication, student monitoring, and control.
  • Features like group discussions and voice comparison with graphical representation make language teaching interactive and productive.
  • Clarity's curriculum-based English learning software covers various aspects of English, including Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, and Pronunciation.


  • The 'Listening' section offers audio passages covering various topics from phase 1 to 4.
  • Students listen to these passages and answer multiple-choice questions, with increasing difficulty in subsequent phases (1-4).


  • The 'Reading' section provides different levels of reading comprehension passages.
  • The software includes a 'read-aloud' option to assist students who require additional support.


  • The 'Speaking' section engages students in dialogue-based conversations on topics like "talking about yourself" or "asking for directions."
  • Students first listen to speakers converse and then participate using grammatically correct sentences and intonation.


  • The 'Writing' section offers practice in various writing styles, including letter writing, story writing, essays, and more.
  • Each writing style is explained, and students work on their own, with the option for read-aloud support.


  • The 'Grammar' section covers all parts of speech, tenses, articles, degrees of comparison, and more.
  • Students receive detailed explanations and practice exercises with increasing difficulty, along with access to correct answers for immediate feedback.


  • Clarity offers separate speaking assessments, allowing the recording of both student and facilitator voices.

Progress Tracking:

  • A progress card displays the student's name, completion date, and time to track their progress.
  • Students can also print their progress cards for reference.

Additional Features:

  • Clarity includes add-on software packages to prepare students for SAT and IELTS exams, although currently, it primarily serves students with English as a second language.