Drama in PYP:

  • EY- PYP Theatre arts strives to hone the skills of budding artists by encouraging them to use their imagination and exploring the space by using their senses. It’s a treat to watch budding actors build their craft.
  • We have a range of many exciting learning engagements that challenges learners and encourages them to learn more. Starting with breathing techniques and phonetics. We also introduce elements of drama, exploring the world of stories, puppets via fun theatre games, improvisations and short plays.

    Drama in MYP:

  • The drama program we offer introduces students to a dynamic array of learning experiences, incorporating essential elements such as breathing techniques, phonetics, and the fundamentals of drama.
  • Delving into the captivating realms of stories, puppets, and engaging theater games, our program guides students towards the creation of improvisations and short plays.
  • The incorporation of improvisation in theater, where scenes are enacted without scripted dialogue, sparks enthusiasm and inquiry among MYP students.
  • Through participation in improvisational exercises, students not only develop essential Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills but also embody the attributes of the Learner Profile. This includes cultivating Creative Thinking, Management, and Organizational Skills, along with fostering traits such as Inquirer, Thinker, and Communicator.

    Drama in IGCSE:

  • Our IGCSE Drama program delves into diverse genres and theatrical styles, guiding students to appreciate performances from the unique perspectives of actors, directors, and designers.
  • Students actively participate in the creation process, taking on roles in writing, directing, and designing their performances. They draw inspiration from an array of genres, including Forum Theatre, Commedia Dell'Arte, and Documentary Drama.
  • As part of their exploration, students study both classic and contemporary plays by esteemed masters, informing and enriching their Text performances.
  • Beyond the stage, Drama instills profound values in students, fostering understanding, compassion, and a sense of responsibility. This prepares them to be confident, risk-taking citizens poised for success in various aspects of life.
  • The program incorporates solo and group improvisations, serving as catalysts for ensemble building, idea development, and the practical application of content with a focus on conceptual understandings.