Junior Library:

  • The PYP library stands as a dynamic resource center for our learning and teaching community, dedicated to instilling a lifelong passion for reading.
  • It boasts a well-rounded collection of resources that reflect a rich tapestry of learning styles, cultures, beliefs, and languages.
  • Central to our mission, the library actively supports the development of learner agency, Approaches to Learning skills, International-mindedness, the IB learner profile, and PYP attitudes and concepts.
  • Facilitators collaboratively utilize the library space for planning their units, while the teacher librarian meticulously curates resources tailored to the specific needs of each inquiry unit.
  • PYP Teacher Librarians play a crucial role in helping learners weave together the attributes of the IB learner profile, approaches to learning skills, and key concepts into their Units of Inquiry.
  • Our library spaces are vibrant hubs of learning, hosting various engagements such as gallery walks and displays.
  • Leveraging technology tools, we ensure that students' understanding is not only enriched but also aligned with the dynamic nature of contemporary education.

    Senior Library:

  • The senior library at Symbiosis International School plays a pivotal role in fostering impactful teaching and learning experiences throughout the curriculum.
  • With a specific focus on the MYP personal project and the DP Extended Essay, the library is designed to cultivate critical, creative, and analytical thinking among students.
  • In addition to serving as a repository of knowledge, the library guides students in honing essential research and citation skills, often producing web-based resources such as citation and bibliography construction guides.
  • The library houses a live collection of past essays, serving as a valuable resource for students tackling challenging academic tasks.
  • To further support students, the library offers assistance with abstract-writing requirements, ensuring that they are well-equipped to meet the demands of their academic endeavors.

    Digital Citizenship Education:

  • As technology continues to gain prominence, it is crucial to integrate Digital Citizenship education, aligning with the guidelines established by Common Sense Media, into library classes.