Sport is on offer to all age groups at Symbiosis International School.

Outdoor Facilities:

  • Soccer Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Skating Rink
  • Volleyball Court

Indoor Facilities:

  • Rope Mallkhamb
  • Karate
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics

    Sporting Events and Enjoyment:

  • Students eagerly anticipate a year filled with sporting events that provide not only physical activity but also enjoyment and personal development.
  • Sports at Symbiosis help students learn the value of hard work, effective time management, patience, and the ability to interact with adults and peers.
  • Each sport comes with its set of rules and regulations that contribute to fitness and discipline, fostering qualities that are vital for overall success.
  • Participation in team sports also enhances leadership skills, contributing to the development of students' personalities.
  • Engaging in sports and exercise not only promotes physical fitness but can also have academic benefits for students.

    Importance of Sports at Symbiosis International School:

  • Sports play a central role in supporting the school's ethos and providing a first-class education.
  • The school has a strong reputation for sports with a demanding fixture list, depth in teams, and expert professional coaches.
  • Sports foster teamwork, leadership development, and personal growth, offering students opportunities to learn about time management, discipline, and effective communication.
  • Participation in sports instills qualities such as perseverance, discipline, and a never-give-up attitude, crucial for lifelong success.
  • Team sports promote mutual respect, leadership skills, and the importance of physical fitness and academic balance.