Integration of Technology in Education:

  • In 21st-century education, technology stands as a central pillar, with computer labs playing a crucial role in seamlessly integrating it into the curriculum.

  • Computer Lab Facilities:

    • The school offers meticulously designed computer labs equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure.
    • Three dedicated computer labs, each housing 40 computers, ensuring personalized one-on-one access for students.
    • Noteworthy features encompass Microsoft Windows 10, Office 2016 applications, printers, web cameras, LCD projectors, and CCTV, providing a comprehensive technological environment for educational activities.

    Internet Access:

    • The school provides an exclusive broadband Internet connection dedicated to both students and faculty.
    • This facilitates seamless access to the Internet and Intranet, empowering users for research and effective communication.

    Software and Technical Resources:

    • All computers equipped with updated software and technical aids.
    • Support for programming, web design, app development, and enhancing critical and analytical skills.
    • Software resources include C++, Java, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, photo editing, and animation tools.

    Comprehensive Research and Projects:

    • Students use computer labs for research, reports, and presentations.
    • Engage in comprehensive projects that involve a range of software tools and technologies.