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Symbiosis Motto
"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam" means "World is one Family"

Symbiosis is a family of 48 academic institutions, imparting quality education for over 50 years. It is host to over 40,000 Indian and International students on campus.

These campuses epitomize the Symbiosis motto, 'Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education' and are a beehive of international students from all across the globe, being privy to Indian culture and hospitality. Many of these campuses are fully residential and have recreational facilities which include swimming pools, amphitheaters & Health Care centres. Keeping its excellent track record in mind, in 2002, the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India conferred the 'Deemed to be University' status on Symbiosis.

Symbiosis 1971 - Passion for Excellence

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But it involves deliberation and much hesitation. The Symbiosis journey however began with a surge of enthusiasm spurred on by an incident that, in itself, makes a poignant tale.

It is an inspiring tale and in the words of the founder of Symbiosis, Prof. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, it says: "It was afternoon on a hot day. I was standing near a window of my house overlooking the first hostel block, of which I was a rector. A strange thing happened. A girl walked up to the window of the boy's hostel room, quickly handed over something and disappeared. My curiosity was aroused and I kept watching the girl walking up to the window day after day and suspected, like any other rector would, that an affair was afoot. So one day, I made up my mind and walked up to the door and knocked. When the door opened, I saw a Mauritian student lying in bed. His face was pale and his eyes seemed to have sunken low.

When I turned to the boy for an explanation, he said, "Sir, I have an attack of jaundice and I'm feeling extremely weak. I cannot stand up, nor walk a few steps. A girl from my country brings me food. However, since ladies are not allowed to enter the boy's hostel, she hands over the lunch box through the window." I was stunned, after all, it wasn't the type of 'affair' I had expected. I was very much pained and decided something had to be done about this. That was the instance! A golden moment! "Symbiosis was born".

Symbiosis is a term in life science, meaning 'living together of two different organisms for the benefit of each other'. Prof. Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, himself a professor of botany, thought this name apt for the institution.

Thus the institution was founded to alleviate the problems faced by foreign students coming to India. At the time, these problems included- accommodation, meals, medical care, guidance, coaching, information about the city etc.

Symbiosis has come a long way since then. Today it is a home to students from more than 74 different countries. These students are offered the best learning resources, industry, exposure, a strong International Students' Alumni network, a global recognition and above all, a truly enriching India experience.

Inspired by the ideals of ‘Vishwa Bharati’ of Gurudev Tagore and ‘Antar Bharati’ of Sane Guruji and with a deep desire to help foreign students, an idea of 'Symbiosis' was conceived by Dr. S. B. Mujumdar in the year 1971, who was the then Head of Department of Biology at Fergusson College, Pune. He started ‘Symbiosis International Cultural Centre’ and conducted various activities for Indian and foreign students. ‘Symbiosis’ provided them opportunities to study together, work together, perform together and also enjoy their free time exchanging information about the cultures, values, traditions, festivals, ideas etc. of their respective countries. Over the years he observed that education is the best medium to bring together Indian and foreign students. He established institutes based on need of the society.

The motto of Symbiosis is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' . Indeed, the motto is aptly justified in Symbiosis' functioning pattern as it proves to be a ground that nurtures and cares for all students immaterial of their backgrounds.

In recognition of its academic excellence, the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, has conferred on Symbiosis the 'Deemed University' status, in 2002.

Today, Symbiosis has campuses at Pune, Nashik and Kolhapur in Maharashtra and campuses outside Maharashtra at NOIDA, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

In the words of Prof Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, the founder of Symbiosis, "Symbiosis is an Idea".

'Symbiosis' is a biological term, which means 'living together of different organism for mutual benefit'. Dr. Mujumdar selected this term to name the institution he established for the welfare of foreign students studying in India. This term, he believed, perfectly symbolized the concept of 'mutualinterdependence'. The objective of this distinctive institution was to ensure the promotion of friendship and brotherhood among Indian and foreign students and thereby create global citizens and ambassadors of goodwill of India.

The vision of Symbiosis is to promote international understanding through quality education. Its ethos was inspired by the lofty universal ideals of integration and understanding underlying the concept of Viswa Bharati University of Rabindranath Tagore and Antar Bharati movement of Pujya Sane Guruji. It has developed around its motto of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - the world is one family; its commitment towards forging a symbiotic relationship between foreign and Indian students; and a philosophical approach of blending Eastern wisdom and Western dynamism.

Today, Symbiosis has over 40,000 students from all States of India and over 85 countries across the globe studying in 70 institutions offering programmes in different faculties viz. like Management, Law, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering, Design & Architecture, Media & Communication. The Management, Media, and Law institutes have been consistently ranked amongst the top ten in the country. Symbiosis International University has been ranked amongst top 50 Universities in India by National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF), Government of India. The University has also been ranked amongst the top 250 Universities in Asia and top 109 in BRICS by QS World University Rankings survey. The University is re-accredited by NAAC with Grade 'A +' and graded as a Category-I University by the University Grants Commission (UGC). SIU is ranked No.1 in the SWACHA Campus Rankings by the Government of India. Symbiosis has campuses spread across Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Noida. Symbiosis provides home away from home for Indian and foreign students.