Inclusive Education (Special Education Needs)

The School provides, a plethora of opportunities for students with special needs as we believe "EVERY CHILD HAS A RIGHT TO LEARN".

SIS attempts to have a holistic approach to meet the personal, social, emotional and intellectual needs of every pupil, in order that each might participate fully and gain maximum benefit from everything the school has to offer.


The term "learning differences" is used to describe the seemingly unexplained difficulty in acquiring basic academic skills. These skills are essential for success at school and for coping with life in general.

Using individual need-based educational techniques, strategies, tools and accommodations we help children with special needs to overcome learning challenges as a detour rather than a road-block.


To educate and empower students with Special Needs, incorporating different learning styles and multiple intelligences to tap the hidden potentials.

To provide resources to classrooms as and when needed.

To regularly update Professional skills to meet the learning needs of students.

To work co-operatively with parents in order to help understand the child’s need and the learning process.


To help children Academically, Socially, and Emotionally.

To improve learning opportunities and raise the achievements of the students with special education needs.

To provide facilitators and students with strategies and activities with instructional support tools that foster academic competence.

To identify, intervene and provide appropriate provisions to students.

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Process of Intervention


Students having specific difficulty in learning academic skills and other skills are referred to the department by parents, facilitators or Program Coordinators.

The student’s intellectual functioning level is identified along with the student’s strength and weakness. The assessment of behavior, social and emotional levels are also done using standardized psychometric tools. Thereafter, a consultation with the parent is done to discuss the outcome of the assessment.

The Inclusive Education Team along with the Teacher and the Parent formulate an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) keeping the primary and the Secondary goal in mind. The Team provides support in the areas of concern by providing strategies and activities to support academic development. Reviews of the students needs are done at the end of the academic year to determine the level of progress. A student will remain in the program as long as it is beneficial.

Remedial program is initiated keeping the (IEP) in focus. Sessions are held as per the requirement of the student on a one to one individual assistance. Monthly activities are designed keeping the yearly target in mind. The focus is on adopting a child-centered approach, which provides individualized learning and teaching programs based on the assessed needs and strengths of each child. Apart from catering to the academic skills the remedial program also fosters the development of appropriate social skills, communication skills, motor skills etc. Once the student attains the required level of learning, the support is gradually withdrawn.

SIS, through its Inclusive Education offers a one-to one support to students. Literacy, numeracy, academic and skill development areas are provided for those students who have been identified with a specific need. The Department also has an in built Play Therapy unit for its students. It is also equipped with a range of computer devices and application which help enhance learning.

We value the support of parents and work in partnership with them at all stages of intervention. A quarterly feedback of student’s progress or changes in intervention is intimated to the parents placed in the Inclusive Education Department. Parental counseling is also an integral ongoing component, which looks at consultation, sensitization and providing updates.