Technology @ SIS

At Symbiosis International School, we place a strong emphasis on leveraging technology to ignite creativity and foster innovation. As a premier international school in the country, we are committed to encouraging continuous inquiry and cultivating collaboration among our students. Our dedication to incorporating technology extends to enhancing the overall learning experience and academic achievements of our students. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that our students' levels of information literacy remain consistently elevated. The integration of technology into our educational approach plays a pivotal role in nurturing critical thinking skills and the ability to manage complexity among our students. Importantly, all members of the SIS community are expected to utilize technology in an ethical and responsible manner.

Recognizing the pervasive influence of technology in academic, social, and personal spheres, we at SIS hold a profound understanding and appreciation for its role in shaping modern education. Widely acknowledged as Pune's premier educational institution, SIS has proudly embraced the digital evolution, transitioning from a laptop-centric approach in 2006 to a comprehensive integration of mobile and tablet devices. Our commitment extends beyond mere technological adaptation; we strive to empower our students to navigate their digital landscapes with discernment, emphasizing safety, ethical participation, and critical thinking. Our curriculum seamlessly incorporates digital literacy across all grade levels, tackling vital aspects such as cyber-bullying, website accuracy assessment, source citation, and responsible online conduct. Through age-appropriate contexts, we provide students with practical opportunities to apply their digital knowledge in real-life scenarios, fostering a holistic and forward-thinking educational experience.

Application and Systems:
  • MySchool - Our institution employs the MySchool web-based integrated student information and management system to seamlessly handle various facets of student administration. From admissions to attendance tracking, student reporting, and scheduling, MySchool serves as a comprehensive platform. Additionally, it functions as a central repository for documents and efficiently disseminates pertinent school information, including news, announcements, events, calendars, and web links.

  • Turnitin - Since its inception in 2005, Turnitin has been an integral tool in our academic arsenal, specifically utilized for its anti-plagiarism capabilities in research activities.

  • ManageBac - Within the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), ManageBac plays a pivotal role in the administration of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requirements, providing a streamlined approach to tracking and managing this essential component.

  • KOHA - Our Library Management System, KOHA, enhances our library services by automating cataloging, circulation, inventory, and online public access catalog capabilities. This sophisticated software enables us to efficiently track patrons, titles, usage data, and support collection development, optimizing services for students, teachers, and families in a cost-effective manner.

  • Other Educational Software - Complementing our technological ecosystem, the school boasts a growing collection of educational software. These tools are thoughtfully curated to facilitate the seamless integration of technology across all subjects, enriching the learning experience for our students.


In pursuit of fostering active learning and facilitating efficient information sharing among educators, our Information Technology framework is meticulously designed to enhance the effectiveness of administrative tasks. Aligned with our commitment to timely communication among students, teachers, administrators, and parents, our school's infrastructure comprises the following key elements:

  • High-Speed Network: Our 1000 Mbps LAN spans across all instructional spaces, the administration office, library, and other essential infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity for all stakeholders.

  • Heavy-duty Servers: A dedicated cluster of four robust servers powers and manages the entire network, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

  • Wireless Access: Adhering to the 802.11n wireless access standard, our network guarantees superior performance, reliability, and predictability. This modernized system offers up to six times more efficiency than legacy 802.11a/b/g networks, supporting the unrestricted mobility of multimedia and critical learning applications.

  • Internet Connectivity: With two high-speed 90 Mbps Fiber links and a 2 Mbps wireless backup, our internet connectivity is robust and reliable. These connections, provided by two different ISPs through point-to-point links, ensure uninterrupted access to online resources.

  • User Policies: To guide responsible usage of technology systems within the school, we have implemented comprehensive Responsible Use and Network Use Policies. These policies serve as essential guidelines for both students and staff, promoting a secure and productive digital environment.

Use of IT & Internet Policy

The school allows Internet access based on its educational value. SIS encourages students to use school-provided technology to enhance their academic performance.

Using the Internet responsibly is a shared responsibility among students, parents/guardians, and staff. Everyone should recognize the educational benefits it offers.

Proper planning and management, taking into account potential risks, ensure the accurate, effective, and safe use of the Internet. Students and their parents must sign an undertaking to use systems responsibly and in compliance with the laws of the Government of India. Unauthorized access or attempting to log in through someone else's account is strictly prohibited.

Students must not access inappropriate sites, download unsuitable material, or share it with others. Bringing objectionable material to school is not allowed. The school reserves the right to monitor computer use within its network. Misuse may lead to consequences such as laptop confiscation, denial of system access, penalties, or expulsion, depending on the severity of the offense.

Plagiarism: At SIS, we prioritize ensuring that students understand and respect academic honesty. This includes original authorship, ownership of creative/research material, and proper conduct during written exams. Plagiarism, cheating, and collusion in exams are unacceptable and will be penalized.

Mobile Phones: Only DP and IGCSE students can have cell phones, but they must be turned off and deposited with the Class Teacher during school hours. PYP and MYP students are strictly prohibited from using or carrying mobile phones; if found, phones will be confiscated. Students can use cell phones before and after school hours only.

While it's not mandatory for students to have mobile phones, the school provides an extensive network of landlines and fixed cellular services for communication between parents and students.