Mrs. Huma Shaikh

Mrs. Huma Shaikh

  • Position:EY Coordinator
  • Qualification:Child Psychology


Mrs Huma Shaikh is the EY coordinator. She has done her graduation in commerce from Pune University, has attended various workshops and training sessions conducted by IB. She has also completed her child psychology course. She has devoted 12 years in this field and during this period she has gained rich experience.

She sincerely believes that the real education lies way beyond books, which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking. She encourages the young ones with essential skills and concepts by listening closely to their wonderings and questions. Through play, young learners explore and investigate, demonstrating the skills and dispositions that will follow them as they move through early years.

She ensures that the staff remains committed to providing each and every student with high quality education and is dedicated to cultivating in students the importance of intercultural understanding and respect. She considers that school is not only an educational institute, but it is an international community of students, facilitators and parents, which represent a big friendly family.

She is of the opinion that we cannot always build the future for our children but we can build our children for the future.

Mrs Huma Shaikh promises that parent whose child walks from the gates of our school can expect that they will be equipped with the necessary language, knowledge, character and life skills to navigate the challenges and rapid changes in today’s globalised world. She will do her best to assist you and your children to settle quickly into our community, and to help your children make the most of this educational opportunity.