"At Symbiosis, we place significant emphasis on the holistic growth and development of students, prioritizing the well-being of their bodies, minds, and emotions. We achieve this by providing nourishing, flavorful, and timely meals in a delightful ambiance, ensuring a holistic approach to their overall well-being."

Importance of Healthy Eating:

  • Children and adolescents eat healthy after understanding the importance of balanced diets.
  • The menus are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Interactive fun sessions, presentations, and discussions with students on the impact of foods on bodily systems.

Teacher's Health and Well-being:

  • Teachers' health and well-being are crucial for student health and happiness.
  • Gathering information through Google Forms and one-on-one sessions to understand teachers' parameters, schedules, eating habits, and health goals.
  • Preparing personalized diet plans and regular follow-ups to help teachers achieve their health and weight goals.

    SIS's Nutri Eats:

  • We prioritize the healthy growth and development of students' bodies, minds, and emotions.
  • Our meals are warm, nutritious, and flavorful, served on time in a pleasant ambience.
  • Research highlights the significant role of balanced nutrition in a child's physical and intellectual performance.
  • Symbi Nutri Eats Midday Meals program provides healthy daily meals to all students on board.
  • The menus are carefully designed to include all essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fluids.
  • The goal is to enrich the macro and micronutrient status and satisfy students' palates.

    Nutrition Highlights:

  • A variety of seasonal fruits and raw salads, packed with nutrients, are attractively served with breakfast to provide antioxidants for strong immune systems.
  • We ensure a good quality and quantity of protein to support the growth and development of our students' bodies and brains.
  • Monthly menus feature a diverse array of foods from different states and countries, adding cultural diversity to the dining experience.
  • Festival foods bring enthusiasm and joy to children's faces, celebrating various cultural traditions.
  • We offer distinct meals like gluten-free and casein-free options, thoughtfully prepared for children with special dietary needs and allergens.
  • We prioritize listening to students' preferences and occasionally treat them with their favorite foods.

Symbi Nutri Eats Program:

In the Symbi Nutri Eats Program, we follow Thomas Edison's famous quote: "The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and will prevent disease with nutrition." We, the food doctors of the future, are here to help.